Summer Reunion 2019

Sunday 30th June 2019
Biggin Hill Memorial Museum
This year at the suggestion of our President, John Weeds, it was decided to visit the Biggin Hill Memorial Museum and on a lovely sunny Sunday, June 30th. a party of 30 O.C.’s including some partners and friends arrived for a look around followed by lunch at an excellent pub in nearby (well, almost) Cudham. The museum, which was only opened earlier this year, is not large but there is much of interest to see and we were shown around by 2 very friendly and able volunteers helping us to understand what had happened there during W.W.11 and up until its closing as a R.A.F. station in 1992, it now being used for commercial flying only. The saddest part was that just over 450 aircrew from Biggin Hill gave their lives during the war, which is recognised in the Chapel of Remembrance there – being there certainly makes you aware of the bravery and sacrifice of so many people during this time.

While we were there the Red Arrows acrobatic team flew in and there were also a couple of Spitfires taking people on trips – if this interests you and you feel you would like to try it I understand the cost is around 2 700 but I guess it must be worth it if only to keep these magnificent aircraft airborne.

We made our way to lunch at the Blacksmith’s Arms in Cudham – a little off the beaten track (a little too much for some of us who didn’t listen to the prompts of our satnavs) and enjoyed an excellent lunch and a good deal of nattering took place. In fact so much so it was difficult to hear at times, especially by those of us who may have problems in this area but, regardless of this, it was great to meet up with friends old and new. We eventually made our way home to various points in the country late in the afternoon having spent an excellent day in the Kent countryside.

If any of you reading this little report have any suggestions as to where we might spend future reunions, please let me know.

Derek Sturt