The Old Collyerian's Association is an alumni organisation for former pupils and staff of Collyer's School, Horsham and ex-students and staff of its successor - the College of Richard Collyer.
Annual Dinner 2019

Bookings are now open for the 2019 Annual Dinner on Saturday 23rd November - click here for details.

Summer Reunion 2019
The 2019 Summer Reunion was held on Sunday 30th June at the Biggin Hill Memorial Museum - click here for details.

A Message from our President

It was with some trepidation that I agreed to take on the mantle of the presidency over a year ago. As a contemporary of Messrs. Collins and Weller - stalwarts of the OCA for many a long year - I suppose I was bound to be collared at some point. Attendance at the Committee meeting in February 2018 would have been my first function before picking up the reins officially later in the year - except that the Beast from the East had other ideas and barred me from leaving Kent. My fears were allayed however by the tremendous night I and my wife Sarah enjoyed at the Annual Dinner back in November. What an incredible turnout! 

The highlight, amongst several, was the coming together of over one tenth of the 1JH I joined in September 1974 including illustrious Form Master John Hamer himself. The joy of just catching up with Mark,  Chris Manville and Ian Wilson along with Nick (impostor from 1PW!) was almost overtaken by the hysterical laughter thinking back to the japes in our old form room mostly at the expense of trainee teachers and involving in-class experiments at rearranging the furniture  - without the teacher noticing. Perhaps you had to be there.... The more we laughed though, the more the memories came flooding back. Mark Collins' address on my behalf was truly moving as was his recital of the Prayer of Richard Collyer - so much so that I have asked for this to be printed elsewhere in the Newsletter (see Page 4). I wonder what effect it will have on you? 

Coming back to Collyer's has helped me realise why I went into teaching: Collyer's, through the excellent teaching of Messrs. Hughes, Tattersall and Tidey,  fired me up for Classics, Classics got me into Cambridge and after Classics at Cambridge nothing was going to stop me from teaching it in some form or another. Ever since, I have wanted to help people of successive generations gain similar opportunities. Schools and colleges like Collyer’s are best at doing this, because they attract good minds and dedicated teachers. Collyer’s certainly has those now, as it did back in the 70s. And for that I thank our alma mater from the heart. 

It has been great to renew acquaintance with the school after all these years. Sally Bromley and I as fellow Heads are liaising very fruitfully over Sixth Form curriculum matters and how  best to preserve choice  and promote high achievement. From the OCA point of view, I think it is excellent of the Principal to invest time in showing us some of the new software available to help us create a digital archive (see Page 8). Thank you Sally! 

I am looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the Summer Reunion at the Biggin Hill Heritage Museum on June 30th. There is also the small matter of the Annual Reunion and AGM in November - the date to save is 23rd November.

John Weeds OCA President 2018-19