The name of the Association shall be “The Old Collyerians' Association” (OCA).


a) To maintain amongst members interest in the welfare of the “College of Richard Collyer” (the College).

b) To promote social contacts between members by periodic reunions, newsletters and other means of communication.

c) To support the College in every way.

d) To ensure the long term future of the OCA by active recruiting of former students of the College or Collyer's School.

e) To maintain an archive record of the OCA..


i) The following persons shall be eligible for membership of the OCA:

a) Any former student of the College or former pupil of Collyer's School.

b) Any present or former member of staff of the College or Collyer's School.

c) Any present or former governor of the College or Collyer's School.

d) Any other person whose connection with the College or with Collyer's School is, in the view of the Committee, notable.

ii) The membership shall be divided into the following categories:

a) Annual members.

b) Long term members.

c) Life members.

d) Honorary members.

iii) Election of members

Members shall be elected by the Committee.

iv) Discontinuance of membership –

The Committee shall have the power to terminate the membership of any member, without notice, on any reasonable grounds.


Subscriptions are payable by members as follows:

a) Subscriptions in respect of annual, long term and life membership shall be paid at such rates as may be determined from time to time by a general meeting of the OCA.

b) All subscriptions for annual membership shall become due on the 1 st . September each year.

c) Any annual member whose subscription is 12 months in arrears shall cease to be a member.

d) No subscription shall be due from honorary members.

e) Long term membership shall expire after a period of 25 years.


a) The OCA shall maintain computer based records which are necessary for the administration of the OCA.

b) These records are to be maintained and used in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998. They are to be disclosed at the discretion of the Committee acting in accordance with the requirements of the Act.


a) The officers of the OCA shall be the President, Vice President, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Membership Secretary (the Officers).

b) The Officers are to be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting (the AGM).


a) The affairs of the OCA shall be managed by the Committee.

b) The Chairman of the Committee shall be the President.

c) The Committee shall comprise the Officers, the immediate Past President, the Principal of the College and 5 other members of the OCA. The 5 other members of the OCA shall be elected at the AGM.

d) The Committee shall have the authority to co-opt members to fill vacancies.

e) A quorum for the Committee shall be 7 members.

f) Students of the College and members of the OCA may be invited to attend Committee meetings at the discretion of the Committee. They will not have voting rights.

g) Subject to these Rules the Committee shall regulate its own procedures.


a) Three members of the OCA shall be Trustees, one being elected at a general meeting each year to serve for a period of three years. They may stand for re-election should they wish.

b) The invested funds of the OCA shall be registered in the names of these Trustees.

c) At least one Trustee shall attend any meeting of the Committee if required.



a) The AGM shall be held on the third Saturday in November or such other date in November as the Committee may determine. A clear two weeks' notice (incorporating the Agenda) shall be given.

b) The AGM shall be chaired by the President or the President's nominee if the President is unable to attend.

c) Each member of the OCA shall be entitled to one vote in respect of any resolution at the AGM.

d) The Chairman shall have in addition a casting vote.

e) Voting by a proxy who is present at the AGM and is so authorised in writing will be permitted.

f) The quorum at the AGM shall be eight.


i) The Committee shall summon a Special General Meeting either :

a) upon a request (written or electronic) specifying the business for which such meeting shall be called and signed by at least thirty-five members of the OCA.


b) pursuant to a resolution passed by the Committee.

ii) A clear two weeks' notice of a Special General Meeting shall be given and only the business specified shall be discussed at such a meeting.

iii) The provisions of Rule 9 clauses b) to f) inclusive shall apply.


  The colours of the OCA shall be dark blue, light blue and gold.


a) No alterations or additions to these Rules shall be made except at the AGM.

b) Any proposal to alter or add to these Rules must be submitted in writing or electronically to the Honorary Secretary and received by the 30 th September in any year.


The foregoing Rules shall be binding on all members of the OCA. Any member refusing in any way to abide by them shall, subject to the discretion of the Committee, forfeit their membership.


a) The OCA may be dissolved by

i) a resolution passed under Rule 10) or 12) or

ii) a notice from a liquidator of the OCA or a receiver of all or any of its assets.

b) The dissolution shall take effect from the day when the resolution is passed and the Committee shall be responsible for the winding up of the assets and liabilities of the OCA.

c) If any property remains after the discharge of all debts and liabilities of the OCA it shall be distributed to the College for such purposes as the Committee directs.