Our Archives
Collyer's College holds a wealth of archive material which, it is true to say, could take a few further lifetimes to assimilate, digitise and publish.
So much has already been expertly crystalised by Austin (A.N.) Willson in his book 'The History of Collyers School' which covers our history from the founding by Richard Collyer in 1541 to the year 1964.
Our objective here will be to record as many artifacts as possible as a form of continuation of the historical record albeit in a lighter and unscripted vein. With the benefit of our digital world, we hope to provide a good overlap with his work to preserve as much as possible before material starts to become lost. We expect our material to contain both serious material fact and some of the less serious, but highly enjoyable activities which combined to make a Collyers education second to none.
Despite the fact that much material is already available awaiting the man hours to convert, we would welcome any additional input from Old Collyerians and/or their families in our preservation and dissemination quest. Contact can be made to any officer or committee member whose details are listed in our Contact Us section.
As we build this section, some of the material will be missing information. This is where we would encourage your participation. If you notice anything to which you can add value, please let us know. As an example, the School play photos are mkissing many names. If you were there or know those who are portrayed, please give us details. Due credit will be given online.
We hope to be regularly adding archive material as it is prepared, so please revisit regularly and, as they say.....